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If you're a single man searching for an Appalachian woman for dating and possible marriage then you're at the right place.

From this Appalachian personals page you can search the personals listings and meet as many women as you want.

At the time, Disney was recovering from the financial setbacks of World War II while also trying to launch Disneyland's opening and its new television series .

To help offset the costs, Disney began producing TV commercials like the one feature above.

is free to join at first, and as a free member you can browse the database of Appalachian women for marriage or friendship and even view a limited number of profiles within each 24-hour period, as well as use other features.

Everyone is free to browse the profiles of Appalachian women for marriage or friendship, but to respond to particular profiles you must register with a valid email address.

All you would have to do is select whether you are a man or woman and who you are looking for, then select your state and click the button.

If live this would take you directly to listings of available American singles.

I've posted a black and white picture of Brer Rabbit above from the film for comparison.Participants will receive resource material to take away.Travel costs etc are the responsibility of participants or their employers.I thought I'd share with you all this 1955 American Motors commercial that I found on You Tube a while back as it's really quite amusing.Many of you may know that Disney dabbled in TV commercials when the studio's budget was tight back in the 40's and 50's.

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