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The United Nations said on Friday that at least 5000 people have been killed in the conflict, including at least 262 in the past nine days, making it the deadliest period of the conflict so far.

Authorities of so-called Lugansk People’s Republic issued a decree with a list of websites on December 18 2015.

"Kiev does not understand that we are now able to attack on three fronts at once."Mr Zakharchenko said the goal of the new offensive was to seize control of the entire territory of Donetsk region, which the rebels claim is their legitimate territory. The next targets for the rebel offensive are likely to include Debaltsevo, a strategic railway junction, checkpoints to the north of the city of Luhansk, and the sea port of Mariupol.

The announcement came dispute international calls to return to a ceasefire line agreed at peace talks in Minsk in September.

It's certainly not beyond the realm of possibility - Academi have been deployed in all sorts of theatres.

‘On the face of it, the uniforms of the people in the videos are consistent with US mercs - they don't look like Russian soldiers mercs.

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