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She was highly inspired from her mother and hoped to be a dance instructor too.But due to her excessive weight, she changed her mind to weight loss and become fitness training instructor. Tracy Anderson is the reason behind the fit body of Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Richie, Courteney Cox, Shakira, Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, Ashley Greene, Jennifer Lopez, and Bethenny Frankel.

This doesn’t seem like it was an ‘amicable’ breakup judging from the rep’s use of words ‘immensely heartbreaking’ and ‘painful’. This is pure speculation but whenever we get so used to seeing publicist speak, anything worded differently immediately sets off alarm bells.

Tracy is obviously not a huge celebrity herself, but she is very well known for training the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Julianne Hough, Sienna Miller, Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, and formerly Madonna.

She has been opening up more fitness centers in Los Angeles, and in the face of professional success, it’s unfortunate that she has to deal with personal heartbreak.

Famous celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson has separated from her husband Matt Mogol.

Tracy and Matt married in 2011 and welcomed their first daughter in 2012, but are now splitting up a year later.

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We just watch and follow along…Everything that I do is on purpose; it’s all part of my strategy and based on formal studies that I’ve done over the years.

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