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Imagine having to choose between these two fine gentlemen… Despite realizing how much trouble she might be inviting, during a Wizard World appearance at St. I’ve known James for about 10 years, so we had that kind of whole history of being friends in London. And so — I’m sure they did this on purpose — I had to rush up to the pod when he comes out and goes, ‘Oh God, I’m so tired.’ He comes out of this pod looking like Adonis, and so I impulsively just grabbed his boob. That was the highlight of my life, let alone the actual scene.” Wait just a minute.

Louis Comic Con, Atwell named the fellow actor she’d rather work with — and her reasoning. We have a lot of fun on the set, and do lots of pranks…But when I worked with Chris, it was Captain America: The First Avenger, and the early days for him as that character. Hayley Atwell is crushing on Chris Evans and somehow these two aren’t dating in real life? Back to business…and Agent Carter’s second season, which is changing locations, and will likely feature less Dominic Cooper (aka Howard Stark), as he’s gone off to be a Preacher.

“I’d never quite seen writing like this, I’d never ran into a character that is as emotionally compromised as mine is,” he said.

Mike however left Katherine at the airport to go save his son.

He was working out really hard, taking the job very seriously, real quite nervous about it. (Yes, we know Evans only just broke up with Lily Collins, but get over it man. “There has got to be elements of Howard there, but I’m not sure to what extent.

He was quite serious on set, but off set we would play a lot of charades and computer games. He plays a pivotal role in her life, and on the show.

Amazon’s “Hand of God” will come to an end after its second season, The Wrap has learned.

“Hand of God,” which stars “Sons of Anarchy” vet Ron Perlman and “Body of Proof’s” Dana Delany, is set to return for a second season next year, which will conclude the drama’s run.

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