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A business process should be validated, published to run time, and tested before it is deployed.A general criterion for a well-designed business model is that it should not throw any warnings or error messages when validated.At the two-day event you were able to experience demonstrations and presentations relating to the products and services we offer; from stand-alone industrial components to enterprise-wide integrated systems.We explored how Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and The Connected Enterprise are influencing the automation sector and how Information Technology (IT) and Operation Technology (OT) converge to bring you increased profitability, lower operating costs and faster time to market., pp Validating the Software Process Assessment Model for Korean Military Software Industry Il-Lo Lee 1, Sun Tae Kim 2,* and Soojin Park 3 1 Defense Agency for Technology and Quality, Seoul, South Korea 2 Dept.of Computer Engineering, Kangwon National University, Sam Cheok, Kangwon Do, South Korea 3 Graduate School of Management of Technology Sogang University, Seoul, South Korea Abstract This paper presents three-step process for validating the software process assessment model and report the result of each step to check the validity of MND-ESPAM.MND-ESPAM is the software process assessment model invented for evaluating the software process capability of Korean military software organizations, but it is not sufficiently validated so that it cannot be decided to spread it into the military software industry.

In order to handle these issues, SEI (Software Engineering Institute) developed CMMI (Capacity Maturity Model-Integrated) for evaluating the quality of the software development process of an organization [2]. of Computer Engineering, Kangwon National University, Sam-Cheok Si, Kangwon Do, South Korea ISSN: IJSEIA Copyright c 2014 SERSC motivated DTa Q (Defense Agency for Technology and Quality) to develop the Assessment Model of the Embedded Software Process (MND-ESPAM) for the Korean military software in 2009 [5].

Each session was led by industry specialists and you were free to connect with colleagues, technical specialists and business consultants in a relaxed environment.

Among the many highlights were the launches of our Power Flex 755T Drive and the Allen-Bradley Compact Logix 5480 Controller.

The internal and external acceptance of your risk indicators crucially depend on a fundamental validation of your risk model.

Based on our experience of market risk projects over many years, we know which factors are crucial for the quality of a risk model and we are experienced with validation procedures.

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Even the best model cannot perform an adequate calculation of risk if the input data is unsatisfactory. We can help you to review your data sources and assess the quality of the data obtained from them.

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