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If you're a seasoned port maintainer, you might even want to join the contrib collection.As those ports are not provided officially by the CRUX development team, this collection is disabled by default.The archive is located on the Open BSD installation CDs and the Open BSD FTP servers.To retrieve the gz through FTP, we can use the wget utility: Each Open BSD release contains a ports tar archive, and in the example above we retrieved the version that has been certified to work with Open BSD 3.9.CRUX users use the ports(8) utility to download ports from the repository and place them in collection is a collection which is provided by experienced port maintainers: some are part of the CRUX development team, while others are regular users.Its goal is to reduce the number of duplicate ports provided in the individual collections.The word can sometimes be a bit misleading since most programs require no actual porting to run on CRUX (or on Linux in general).The term refers to a remote repository containing ports and a client program capable of downloading ports from that repository.

Jordan Hubbard committed what would become the legendary ports system on August 21, 1994. Fetching snapshot generated at Thu Oct 31 EDT 2013: 98c3a00130d24348ff5bcca8474e4c6cb777d838e8f5d2 27% of 69 MB 3728 k Bps 00m21s The portsnap tool will download a snapshot of the tree from the mirror closest to you, verify its integrity against a public key and then extract everything to /usr/ports.The following example shows how to use the cvs utility to update the Open BSD 3.9 ports collection: The CVSROOT variable contains the server to connect to, the "-r" option is used to specify the Open BSD tag (each Open BSD version has a tag, and the example above contains the tag for the 3.9 release), the "-P" option causes cvs to prune empty directories, and the "ports" option indicates which repository to checkout.This command will update the software in /usr/ports if new versions are available, and create the /usr/ports hierarchy if it doesn't exist.In general, you are advised to use packages over building an application from ports.The Open BSD ports team considers packages to be the goal of their porting work, not the ports themselves.

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