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While not cheap, updating your circuit panel will give you more amperage to run power-sucking devices like air conditioners, computers and other modern electronics, in addition to protecting you from the risk of electrical failure and even fires, among other hazards.Our house was built in 1952, and the circuit panel was installed along with a 1980 addition, so I’m thinking I need to get an electrician out to inspect it in the near future.I wish (Most places will let the homeowner do the work.) this was true. I know this is basically a DIY site, but sometimes the only safe answer is hire a pro.

Likely, you'd have to redo your mast and meter base as well; as meter's are no longer allowed to be inside, and if you're doing a service change/upgrade, they'd likely insist you bring it all up to current code. What you've got now has been hacked and slashed; and will need some figuring out...(There will likely be a minimum charge.) This work requires cutting holes in walls and ceilings to snake the wires.Some electricians will patch the holes; others leave the patching to you.What it means: Because a junction box houses the splices where wires are connected to one another, a person could inadvertently damage the wires or get a shock. Solution: Spend a few cents to buy a new cover and install it with the screws provided. Solution: Contact the electric utility, which may replace the weatherhead at no charge. (Today's codes require receptacles within 4 feet of a doorway and every 12 feet thereafter.) Danger level: Minimal, as long as you use heavy-duty extension cords, 14-gauge or thicker.What it means: Frayed wiring in the weatherhead (the outdoor fitting where overhead cables from the power line come into the house) is causing a short whenever the cables move. What it means: Heavy reliance on extension cords and power strips. (The thicker the wire, the lower the gauge number.) Undersize extension cords (16-gauge or smaller) can overheat and ignite a fire if loads are too heavy. Expect to pay an electrician about 0 per first-floor outlet and double that for second-floor work.

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Member question: My house was built in 1965 and I need to update its fusebox.

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