Uiprogressview not updating

NSProgress was introduced in i OS 7 and OS X 10.9 with the self-proclaimed purpose of being a loosely coupled progress reporting mechanism.

In practice this means that intermediary code doesn’t need to know anything about the progress being tracked between the user interface layer where your application is doing work. In our view controller we can setup something like this: we created in our UI layer.

Other more structural changes require that persistent stores be migrated to new model versions.

If a persistent store doesn’t have the appropriate mappings and settings required to migrate data from one version to the next, the application throws a “store is incompatible” error.

For example, if you scroll through a long Table View, it feels as if you are grabbing the contents and “throw” it up.

This makes for a really accurate representation of overall progress for multiple operations.After setting this up we now have an awesome looking and more informative progress indicator.Many UI frameworks, including App Kit for Mac OS X and UIKit for i Phone OS, require that all methods to UI components are sent on the main UI thread.When you are doing some longer running operation in a program, you want to give some feedback to the user.This blog post looks at some ways on how to do this in i OS.

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i OS offers some way of providing this feedback: In my app one long running operation is comparing the different contacts and figuring out how “similar” they are to one another.

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