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Nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year – 13th Annual LA Music Awards Nominated for Independent Single of the Year – 13th Annual LA Music Awards – Song: “Black Cloud” Sunny Doench Sunny Doench Image desired General information Born May 21, 1972 Country Flag of United States United States Work Years active 1993 – present Occupation actress singer (s) IMDb profile Portal Portal Icon Film Sunny Doench (Dayton (Ohio), May 21, 1972) is an American actress and singer.

Doench also operates under the names Kate Sunny Doench, Sunny Sunny Doench-Knox and Knox. Doench was the first choice for the role of Gabrielle on the television series Xena: Warrior Princess, but she decided not to do this because they then had to live too far from her friend Doench began acting in 1993 with the film Death Run to Istanbul.

Maybe we keep playing along out of fear because being alone seems to be a worse fate than being part of a half-assed relationship (if you can even call it that).

I've certainly played my fair share of this guessing game.

Stephanie and Mark’s paths crossed when introduced by a mutual friend.

The two were initially in what Stephanie refers to as the “friendship zone” for about a year. However, it was after that trip that Mark put the wheels in motion to have a special custom ring designed for his future bride.

All her works in movies and watches company must have made her busy in her life. Is she able to manage time for her boyfriend or husband? For that we would like to notify, Taylor Cole is still on the market as she is not married yet.

As per sources, Taylor Cole has not been in the dating zone, so far.

While it's extremely unfortunate, it's also very common for one person to dictate where the relationship is going while the other person is blindly dragged along.Being so gorgeous and talented the actress never had a boyfriend; it is quite hard to digest that thing.You're having a “thing” with this guy in your building.After this, she still several roles played in films and television but these were mostly small roles.Doench is also active as a solo artist under the name Adam’s Sister. Doench has been nominated twice at the LA Music Awards for Best Voice of the Year and Best Independent Single of the Year.

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