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He says he's already got a girl wearing his, but there was no sign of that jersey anywhere. As Sasuke walked into the classroom then Karin just followed."Yo Sasuke! She had the same thing on as the three girls and Sasuke's jersey on. You know how boring Hawaii is without anyone to talk to? I'm Sakura." She said stretching out a hand to shake."Hello. The girls laughed."Hmm hot and an amazing football player? This only got Sakura to blush even harder."Yeah." Karin could literally feel her heart break into a million pieces. Sasuke smirked before pulling her into a tight hug.Karin huffed at the thought of him giving his jersey to someone else. " Naruto called holding up a hand signaling him to sit by him. When she got to the game she immediately saw the girls at the student section in the stands. She plays volleyball and basketball with her girls."I missed you so much Saku! " The girls giggled as they made their way up to the bleachers where Karin stood. Her thin body and gorgeous face made Karin want to puke."Who's this? It's nice to meet you." Karin said before shaking her hand."Anyways, was Hawaii really that boring? And I'm sure there were plenty of hot boys out there." Ino said winking."Ino! It's true, even though you're taken." Ino said again with a wink."Oh you have a boyfriend? The girls nodded while Sakura just blushed, "Who's the guy? He's just only extremely beautiful and an amazing football player." Tenten said."Let's face it girls, he's not beautiful.. After the game Karin wasn't feeling to best even though they won 30-6. Karin watched from the stands with a broken heart and hands falling limply."I'm glad you came. She didn't mind that he smelled like shit, she just enjoyed the idea of being with him. "I'm very glad you wanted to go on a date with me," she said and blushed. he joined her laughter with his own and ignored the curious voices behind them."It would be so embarrassing," she grinned. She let go of his hand and to him it now felt cold and empty."Look, Sasuke-kun, there are Naruto and Hinata."Sasuke glances outside and saw them talking vividly. She looked so happy."Sakura, your food is getting cold."She looked over to him and her pink hair danced."Oh yeah, you're right." She looked up to him rather shy. "Well things are a little different now, aren't they? "With half of Akatsuki gone, we can relax a little bit, indeed.""Especially with my precious brother gone," he said.

They talk occasionally, but enough to be called friends. Girls and boys try to tell her, but she never paid any attention to them because all her attention is adverted to Sasuke. Tradition is that the guys will give the girls they like their jerseys. Now Sasuke has not given his number 23 jersey to any girl yet. The weird thing is they have the same class this hour, History. Karin's eye balls literally bulged out of her eyes. She only thought they had a thing or something."N-no way." She stammered. When Kakashi dies on the battlefield he leaves behind a gift for Sakura that will let her catch up to her two teammates. XDUnsuccessful model, Haruno Sakura,finds herself a teacher at an all boy's school. Karin is new to the school and has already set her eyes on Sasuke Uchiha the star player.Main: Sasu Saku minor: Naru Hina and Ino Shika, R&R PLEASE! " Unfortunately it took four years and a war for us to fall in love. In a world where angels and vampires are enemies, Sakura finds herself stuck in between their conflict. But, after an "accidental" encounter, will things start to heat up? SASUSAKU ITAHINA[no romance][Sasu Saku] Being paired up in a race with an Uchiha was never easy…especially if he was an arrogant bastard, not to mention an overprotective boyfriend.

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She really could make him smile."Did you hear that by the way? after a few months, since his return, she had asked him out again and this time he had accepted. She was teaching some new medics to work in the hospital, so she could try for ANBU. It couldn't be helped, after all, he had been away for quite a while. " he asked suspiciously."I've got the same mission. Naruto is on the mission as well." Her grin grew wider as she saw him realize what that meant."A team resurrection, huh? The night had been great and he would take her out again soon.

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