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But you can't say you really know what to do in Tokyo until you spend your mornings walking through its temples, shrines and parks; your afternoons exploring its neighborhoods and back streets and your nights feasting in its restaurants, drinking in its bars and -- why not? A Peninsula hotel is like that frustrating friend who, no matter how hard you look, has no flaws. You could say the luxury chain favors quality over quantity, given that it has fewer properties in the world than you have fingers.

(Paris in 2013 will make 10.)The Peninsula Tokyo is located in the city's ritzy Ginza district, a stroll away from designer boutiques and Michelin-starred restaurants.

No tenía nada planeado al día de hoy”, dijo Chavarría en entrevista telefónica con Efe desde la iglesia donde se refugió.

“Estaré aquí hasta que Dios quiera y esperando que las cosas cambien, no sólo por mi vida sino la de mucha gente que están siendo deportadas injustamente”, afirmó Chavarría, que ha trabajado limpiando casas y ha pagado sus impuestos.

According to Boing Boing, a commenter on Reddit said “I’ve caught 2 full room meetings in progress since it was posted.

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Jackson Hole is an outdoors person's paradise that constantly reinvents itself between summer and winter, when the Wyoming landscape transforms from green pastures to snow covered mountain peaks.

Despite what the last few months would have you believe, politics ain’t all Russian espionage, election-hacking, and piss parties. Yet still, the public gets all up in arms about Big Brother doing shady stuff behind our backs, and starts demanding greater transparency so that we can make sure our tax dollars are getting put to good use.

Most of the time there’s little to zero actual piss at all. Well, last September, the town of Cromwell, Connecticut — a hot bed of political corruption if there ever was one — obliged in resignation the demands of its citizenry and installed a 24-hour live stream of its town hall meeting room so that everyone can always be aware of what our elected officials are up to. As it turns out, a 24/7 video feed of a meeting room in a town that rarely sees much in the way of political activity is a bigger waste of tax dollars than anything sus the mayor of Cromwell, Connecticut, was likely to ever get up to.

Thanks to the advent of the Boost 148 hub spacing, as well as Salsa’s tight Split Pivot suspension design and the bike’s short-travel nature, the Deadwood squeezed it all in.

We took the Deadwood Sus on some pretty rocky, ugly, steep trails in Sedona.

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