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However, a car travelling at 30mph would present an eight per cent risk of fatality.So, in November 2015 Northumberland County Council announced a £1m scheme to slow down drivers in the district.Open to the public generally, but specifically here, to help where many families have been unemployed for three generations, the garden contributes to the local economy and has put the whole area on the map.Walking round, ably escorted by Head Gardener, Trevor Jones, it soon becomes obvious that every garden element here has an ulterior motive: William Pye’s water sculptures – much loved by dripping wet boys – are also used by school science groups to explore laws of gravity and water surface tension; the hornbeam-covered walkway occasionally houses groups of Tai Chi practitioners; the famous Poison Garden is used to pass on drug and drink awareness tableaux to groups of stunned pre-teens, and the polytunnels shelter groups of elderly and children, making bug hotels and herb baskets and enjoying teas made with ingredients grown in the garden.Volunteers set up the watch in a designated spot, using measuring equipment to record the speed of passing vehicles.Details are noted of any vehicles found to be speeding.The minute you step off the train, the Duchess of Northumberland’s involvement in her local community is obvious.Tubs of flowers and herbs beautifully planted by the Friends of Alnmouth Station and made from timber sponsored by the Northumberland Estate deck the platforms, a floral precursor to the garden at nearby Alnwick Castle that the duchess describes as a contemporary pleasure garden and community asset.

Visitors are not kept off the grass, and children visit the garden for just 1p.

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, recent figures suggest that the risk of fatality shoots up with acceleration.

A study of pedestrian injury and car impact speed suggests that at 20mph there would be a 1.5 per cent risk of fatality.

The unique spaces within the garden, house projects that make a difference to peoples’ lives.

Many stately gardens are used as money-making concerns, perhaps with a nod to animal, plant or habitat conservation, occasionally re-creating the past in the hope of education, but often just to help maintain the house.. Done well, there is nothing more pleasant than an afternoon spent wandering round a garden with thousands of other garden lovers, beating a well-trodden path that inevitably leads to a poorly-served café and a predictably- sourced gift shop. She believes “Alnwick garden is about entertaining visitors.

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