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He's never been shy about wearing his heart on his microphone, and we love him for that.Most rappers market themselves through their lyrics, purporting to be the best, the greatest, the most important artist on Earth.

That idea has stuck with me, and rings true year after year as Drake continues to crank out hits—many of which have themes of love, loss and sweet revenge.He wrote the male part as the “Wolf” and her part as the “Mouse.” Eventually Columbia Pictures bought the song and debuted it in the 1949 Esther Williams vehicle “Neptune’s Daughter,” co-starring Ricardo Montalban and Red Skelton.The film features the song not once but twice, sung by two different couples.Rick Ross has issued an official apology over lyrics that seemed to celebrate rape in his new song "U. Rick Ross Loses Reebok Endorsement Over ' Rape' Lyrics Ross came under fire late last month for the "U. As an artist, one of the most liberating things is being able to paint pictures with my words. And most recently, my choice of words was not only offensive, it does not reflect my true heart. To every woman that has felt the sting of abuse, I apologize. "And for this, I apologize." The Miami rapper also apologized to fans, to women who have "felt the sting of abuse" and to young men for setting a regrettable example. So for me to suggest in any way that harm and violation be brought to a woman is one of my biggest mistakes and regrets.

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To the young men who listen to my music, please know that using a substance to rob a woman of her right to make a choice is not only a crime, it's wrong and I do not encourage it.

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