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As a general rule, forming an emotional bond is harder via text than face-to-face.

As part of my research on self-help advice, I asked one young man to test out a section about how to ask for a small favor as a way to increase communication and intimacy.

While text messaging may be an immediate and direct form of communication, good for flirty messages and quick hellos, I’m wondering if those instant, impersonal communiqués are hurting our dating lives and hindering our relationship formation. In fact, just as I typed that last sentence, a text pinged in from my husband to let me know that he’d be home in 20 minutes. I’m not anti-text, but I think it’s time to think critically about the pros and cons of text messaging in those early, precarious stages of dating. One of the most frustrating early dating experiences I ever had was with a guy who said, “I’ll text you and maybe we can hang out Friday.” So, Friday came and I got all dressed up and went out with my friends.

There are no rules about when to have sex for the first time with a new potential partner.By replying too quickly you will only make it seem as if you have absolutely nothing better to do than to replying to her SMS.Wait for at least ten minutes before sending her a reply.“I luv u” and “Misng U”…Yes we are talking about SMS romances here.SMS has become the handiest tools that men can use to attract chicks.

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