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, Drew Carey's Green Screen Show, Trust Us with Your Life, and Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza.

Proops is also known for hosting the short lived game show Vs.

Much of the show centred on Proops's disastrous train journey from London to Hay.

His observations on train food, the Welsh accent and surrounding countryside were first rate: "I didn’t see any noticeable signs of civilisation between Hereford and Hay." So too was the undoubted highlight of the evening: Proops’s spontaneous mockery of Super Furry Animals founder Gruff Rhys, whose own show about the search for a tribe of Welsh-speaking Native Americans was running simultaneously at the Hay Festival.

When he wasn’t doing Ugly Betty or Flight of the Concords, Greg was making people think and laugh liberally as a stand-up and podcaster.

Versatile and thoughtful, he’ll quote a Greek philosopher in one breath and sing a 1970’s punk ballad in the next.

He is a walking historian of SF Comedy and nightlife; the bold, cocky, hilarious, local legend Greg Proops: We here at Broke Ass like to show love to the people who make cities like San Francisco and New York special. She got to meet Ginsberg, Jerry Brown and Lawrence Ferlinghetti who is a brave and loving soul.

The American-born 54-year-old comedian, who is much loved over here because of his irreverent observations on Channel 4’s Whose Line is it Anyway?

, immediately displayed his peerless improvisational skills, riffing on random events from the Hay Festival programme, engaging with the stewards and asking for the lights to be turned down "so that the audience could feel more comfortable about laughing without having to look at one another".

Or we could have shot the shit about baseball, fer chrissakes — dude's a rabid fan. On Thursday, January 26, he'll do a live taping of his TSMITW podcast. I mean, the address was straight out of the fascist playbook. But the fact that they chanted "Lock her up" at the inauguration gives you some idea of the mindset of his supporters. I don't think many of us are in especially good humor at the moment. Black people had America for too long and having a black president was giving them a voice. SD: I guess when you threaten to gut arts funding, you get stuck with Three Doors Down at your inauguration concert. But, as my wife points out, in another way, the roaches are out and we're shining a light on them. GP: I think we don't have anything else to do but to agitate, illustrate and advocate. I had a couple people tweet me today that I should go back to comedy and stop having an opinion.

But when Seven Days spoke to Proops by phone last week, we didn't ask him about any of that stuff. On Friday and Saturday, January 27 and 28, he performs four standup shows — two each night. "America First" is a famous expression from before World War II for isolationism and racism. That kind of abusive, sexist weirdness — women need to be locked up, women need to be beaten, women need to be "Trumped" — it's pretty clear what the message is. Or your situation is so bad and you're so used to being subservient to men that this is just one more asshole you're going to do it for. And that wasn't really happening for [Trump's] people. GP: They had Tony Orlando without Dawn, Sam without Dave. And they introduced Toby Keith like he was a superstar. He's giving them free rein to pursue anti-Semitism and racism, queer-bashing, hassling Muslims. To them I extend a generous invitation to take a long, cool drink out of my ass. As for the comics who don't want to participate — and I see they're mostly white men — I think they're making a terrible mistake. It's the ones who aren't openly right wing and are being quiet about this.

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  1. While we've loads of pictures and videos of him in the Starmale archive, it's high time we offer a bit of Mr. Born in 1970 and bred in and around Boston, Matt started acting when he was still a Harvard undergrad, skipping classes to pursue acting projects, including Rising Sun (1993), and the hot prep-school drama, School Ties (1992).