Pisces male and leo female dating

The Leo man knows where he is going and is able to make decisions with confidence. As in other areas of his life, he will want to take charge in the bedroom as well.

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This is the positive point which builds up the strong affection between them.

Leo appreciates her tranquillity and compassion whereas she is fascinated by his muscle power.

Being always focused on here and now can be annoying to me too.

But then, there is probably very few things that bother them at all. So he supposed to go a weekend trip and after I sent a safe flight message, he told me he's not going and said he had a read fuc I know signs have nothing to do with it but how you know for sure when a taurus is done with a relationship? I had a Taurus man i dealt with recently seems distant not much in contact i see him on snapchat at the bar lately.

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The Pisces male needs a firm, strong woman to guide him because he is very indecisive and is known for sitting on the fence.

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