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For other rules of Islam teachings, Islam morals, Islam and Quran Golden rules and for more information on the above, refer to the related attached questions listed below Answer 11-There is only "one God", Allah, creator of the whole universe, who is just, compassionate, and merciful. Creator of life and death, the guide to righteous, the friend and protector of the sick and the poor.He chastises eternally the infidels to Hell, and he rewards the faithful with eternal Heaven.They also mix with guys, only when necessary of course.Some families are very strict to the point they don't let their daughters/sons out of the house, but the majority don't follow those tradition, they're not islamic.-"Allah", "The God", comes from "Al" ("The"), and "Illah" ("God")...not just "a God", but "The God", for there is only one.When you used this you then used that carefully and also speak adequately and truly and you also get your current marriage within few occasion.If your kid does certainly not get marital life according your family and you happen to be so worried for marriage the period if you used your Wazifa regarding marriage within Islam you then really recognize that Wazifa regarding marriage within Islam is very powerful which seriously change your lifetime and you obtain marriage together with desirable lover.

This fundamental principle of Islamic marriage, understood and observed by the spouses, is the basis of the institution of Muslim marriage.The Quran contains a verse which says: "And in no wise covet those things in which Allah has bestowed His gifts more freely on some of you than others: to men is allotted what they earn, and to women what they earn..." Commenting on this verse Sheikh Muhammad 'Abduh says that it does not imply that every man is better than every woman or vice versa, but it emphasizes that: "each sex, in general, has some preferential advantage over the other, though men have a degree over women." What is this "degree"? One view is that it means the qualities of leadership, surveillance and maintenance which are bestowed on men.Another view is that it signifies the tolerance with which men must treat their wives even when in extremely bad moods.We do whatever we want as long as we do not disobey Allah swt.When you visit an arab country, you will be surprised of the amount of un-strictness you're gonna witness.

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