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In my mind, he has lived up to his reputation as a man who takes care of his people,” Rep. Members of Congressman Duncan Hunter’s staff spoke in similar tones, adding that the speed with which the Chief of Staff resolved the issue was extremely rare in these sorts of cases., and a noticeable problem with toxic leadership.

It’s certainly uncommon to see a review conducted on this timeline, and to have it ordered by the service’s highest ranking officer.

Reprimands referencing drug use will be removed from their personnel files after the review found that drug use allegations against the pilots were unsubstantiated.

His mother was an excellent pianist, but his father discouraged Stewart's request for music lessons.

When his father once accepted a gift of an accordion from a guest, Stewart quickly learned to play the instrument, which became a fixture offstage during his acting career.

This is the latest in a long string of incidents involving Mr. OCC participants donate shoeboxes filled with small gifts for children in need: teddy bears, coloring books, toothbrushes, yo-yos, and the like. Weinstein and the MRFF were particularly incensed about the incident because the email that I approved mentioned “Christmas” and because OCC is run by Samaritan’s Purse, an evangelical Christian organization.

MRFF filed an immediate complaint, and the next day I received an email from one of my superiors instructing me and my classmate to retract the email, which we did. Weinstein touted the incident as a huge victory for the rights of conscience, and proudly posted the original “offending” email on his website, choosing not to redact the names of me and my classmate.

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