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Venus & Saturn vs the Moon & Jupiter - Venus, your ruling planet, gives you your powerful charm, and Saturn, who is exalted in your sign, gives you your incisive logic.The Moon gives him his need for security, and Jupiter gives him his need for comfort and security.Thus while the Cancer partner would want to develop a close emotional bond with their loved ones, the Libra on the other would like to maintain an emotional equanimity if not an emotional distance.A Cancer either needs to feel pampered and cushioned in a relationship or has an overwhelming need of nurturing and almost mothering a partner; this is unlikely to go down well with a Libran partner who like other air signs prefers an exchange of ideas and thoughts rather than emotions and feelings.By Brian Palenske Our Libra Woman and Cancer Man compatibility rating is 7.The elemental natures of your signs are antagonistic to one another, and the qualities cause friction between your ideals as a result.

Libra on the other hand is ruled by the element air whose main characteristic is that it uses its mind to make sense of the world.

Both Signs seek a secure, assured relationship and will enjoy their shared appreciation for beauty and luxury -- especially when it comes to their domestic environment.

These two can blend their energies harmoniously if they choose to work toward a common goal.

This might pose a problem in a Cancer-Libra pairing since each has different emotional expectations from a partner. However the Cancer and Libra also share an important similarity as far as their personality traits are concerned.

Both are fond of peace and harmony in their loves and would go far to ensure that stressful thoughts and feelings are kept at bay.

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