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" ~age(better be 15 lol)_____ ~Sexuality = straight ~Underwear_ = briefs ~Size__ = ? ~Hair_____ ~Anything else you wanna add or ask~ ~age(better be 15 lol)_____15 ~Sexuality_____Straight ~Underwear_____Boxers-Boxer Briefs ~Size_____6" hard ~Times per week_____maybe9-10 ~Who you think about_____Sex with girls I know ~Where_____My room ~Squirt or Oooze / How much_____Squirt.

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~Times per week___Quit masturbating ~Who you think about___ n/a ~Where__n/a ~Squirt or Oooze / How much___n/a ~Hair___light brown. Depends ~Hair_____Pubic is there, but I keep it well trimmed ~Anything else you wanna add or ask~Cut or uncut?

I am trying to have a world record here 4 months without masturbating soo ~age(better be 15 lol)_____15, 16 in like two weeks ~Sexuality_____straight/curious ~Underwear_____briefs ~Size_____6.75" hard ~Times per week_____6-7 ~Who you think about_____my gf or other girls, once and a while guys ~Where_____my room ~Squirt or Oooze / How much_____squirt, and it depends ~Hair_____dark brown ~Anything else you wanna add or ask~ age(better be 15 lol)_____15 ~Sexuality_____bi ~Underwear_____boxers ~Size_____6inches ~Times per week_____8-10 ~Who you think about_____girls,mostly boys ~Where_____my room mostly ~Squirt or Oooze / How much_____5x ~Hair_____shaved sexuality-bi ~Anything else you wanna add or ask~ age(better be 15 lol)_____ Why in hell you ask age? ~age(better be 15 lol)_____15 ~Sexuality_____Strait ~Underwear_____Boxers ~Size_____6.5 inches ~Times per week_____3 ~Who you think about_____girl ~Where_____bathroom ~Squirt or Oooze / How much_____squirt ~Hair_____lots ~age- 15 ~Sexuality- hetrosexual ~Underwear- boxer brief, brief, sometimes boxers ~Size- erect: 6 1/2 inches, flacid: 4 inches ~Times per week- 5 or 6 ~Who you think about- I try not to, it becomes lust and that is sinful.

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