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'I've been using rings as part of my training now for the past 12 months.'The strong star also lift kettlebells as part of his fitness routine, and is seen flexing his bulging biceps with the heavy weights in the moody black and white shoot.'I tend to combine some kind of Olympic lifts with gymnastic training,' he explains publication.The Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels star is currently expecting his first child with fiancee, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, 29.It was Evans who let the news slip during an interview for Disney's live-action reboot of - the first of a final trilogy - this summer with Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Tyrese Gibson all returning for what is most likely going to be more of the entertaining same.New additions, as well as Mirren, include Charlize Theron and Scott Eastwood.The English hunk showcases his acrobatic skills in another snap, in which he is pictured doing a handstand.

What the rumour mill says: Statham basically created it himself, after stating his interest (and ability) to take on 007. The Snatch star said his routine is a little more D. Y than most would think of an A-list Hollywood star, as he refuses to work with a personal trainer.Instead he recently constructed his own workout area in the back garden of a home he was leasing while filming in New Zealand, complete with built-in gymnastic rings.'I had a framework put together in the backyard, this sort of bar workout area where I could mount some gymnastic rings,' the Fast & Furious star explains to the magazine.He's the action man who thrills his legion of female fans when he goes shirtless on screen.And super buff British star Jason Statham has stunned once again, this time in a black and white spread for Men's Heath Australia.

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