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This included a nice navigation system integrated into the car.

I use the system all the time and find it to be a great option.

In 2011, is Garmin still the best car nav system option or have Tom Tom or someone else improved greatly over the last 2 years?

I'm also not pleased that Garmin only considers an i Phone a smartphone and the Garmin app is i Phone only. Any guidance, suggestions, or comments would be more than welcome! Thanks, Larry Just bought a new garmin 1350 LMT to replace an old 205 with a very old map. Just bought a new garmin 1350 LMT to replace an old 205 with a very old map. I've had the new 2460LMT for about a month now, at first the ads were very annoying, to the point I asked Garmin how to get rid of them.

My current traffic doesn't block out the entire screen with advertisements when stopped as it seems some (all? Navigating stop and go traffic trying to change lanes for an exit and not being able to see the screen unless the car is moving? If I have to turn off the Traffic to get rid of that, why would I want the traffic in the first place? I'm also seeing in reviews complaints about map accuracy and routing..too many quality control issues.

Navigation systems are one of the greatest advances in the automotive industry.

While there are numerous mobile alternatives using phones, portable navigation devices and the like, there is nothing more convenient than having a factory-installed system.

Anyway, today a country map costs 44,95 while the whole Europe costs 69,95; the update service for a country is 54,95 and for Europe is 79,95 but the renewal is as little as 39,98 which is 15 less that a single map. An option could be to buy the service but not using it: I may ignore all the map download but the last one.

I've never used any other nav systems than Garmin's.

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Tom Tom charges £19.80 for a year’s worth of map updates, and Garmin charges £50 for a one-off update or £75 for lifetime European map updates.

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