Ink carbon dating

But since that is total speculation, it doesn’t belong in a news piece, let alone coming from the mouth of a librarian.In the meantime, every single article leads with a completely misleading title.

For several reasons, it is a rare opportunity for us to test Museum objects using this technique.After another 5,730 years only half of those 50 (or 25 carbon-14 atoms would remain.) Think of the red ink molecules slowly disappearing at the same rate.One day, about 5,000 years ago, most of the water suddenly drained from the pool.Since then, the amount of water only fills a bathtub, but one drop of red ink continued to fall into the bathtub each year.With so little water to dilute the red ink, the water’s pinkness steadily increased, but not indefinitely. Because each molecule of this imaginary ink has a half-life of 5,730 years, a point was reached when as many molecules of red ink disappeared each year as fell into the bathtub.

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