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In 1991, when Medellin was the epicenter of the multibillion-dollar cocaine empire run by Pablo Escobar, the city was called the murder capital of the world. With a climate that has given it the nickname “City of Eternal Spring,” Medellin is full of attractions that draw tourists. Tickets are cheap, exchange rates are great, the city has proclaimed itself revitalized and there are statistics to back it up. And FARC, the left-wing rebel party that waged civil war in Colombia for decades, has been in peace talks with the government since 2012.In that comfortable setting we first witnessed the capacities of Governor Clinton and his wife, Hillary, two very different people who yet seemed to us knit in an extraordinary, and unbreakable, partnership.It may now be time to share a few intimate memories that afford an unusual vantage into what the Clintons were like, close up, in private settings.The Deep South's vast alluvial plain covers 800sq miles – the size of Leicestershire – and is home to colonial cities, Civil War history, and poignant echoes of the slave trade, as well as contemporary elements such as the resort-town Hilton Head Island and the tourist-laden waterfront of Savannah.

The two of us had the good fortune to be witnesses, a quarter of a century ago, at the creation of the Clinton era.

This was the Deep South, but not as most people see it.

The world of Margaret Mitchell and Scarlett O'Hara was 250 miles away and my boutique bateau Independence (which carries 104 passengers) was providing an alternative view of Georgia and South Carolina, offering a maritime perspective on an extensive coast of islands, inlets, estuaries and marshes.

Standing on the large terrace of the fourth-floor walk-up, I can smell the auto-repair shops. It’s delightful, but this turns out to be the only place in the city where we’re approached by (licensed) vendors hawking tourist wares. Outside the sculpture garden it’s business as usual — the seedy kind.

Drug dogs accompanied by police — mostly conscripted teenage boys trying to look tough — patrol the perimeter, and the unspoken message is, “Don’t start anything and there won’t be anything.” After this, we stick to the residential side of the city.

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As chairman of the National Governors Association, Clinton was first among equals at a conference of local and state officials, American and Italian, who gathered in Florence in the early autumn of 1987 to compare notes on shared problems.

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