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After Henry was announced as the new Superman, we went on Corey's page to see some of the old photos he'd posted of him and Henry, and they had ALL been removed. This reeks of shame and homosexuality being a weakness and liability.

It's also an insult to the general public's intelligence and the assumption that people have such a short memory span that they don't remember anything before what is being told to them right now.

This shit goes back to the earliest days of Hollywood & it is never going to end.

His brothers mock him for it, of course, “saying that I’m a soft actor who’s never worked a day in his life. Then they come to the set and see the kind of work I do and change their mind...” Nowadays Henry lives in South Kensington, London, wherever he’s working, but his “home base is always the Isle of Jersey,” he says. That’s not a problem for me anymore, although it was a big problem when I was away at boarding school. I don’t feel too exposed, so it’s not a burden for me at all and the media is not too intrusive in my life. He tries to immerse himself in the culture wherever he is, learn the language and enjoy the newness of it. Henry tries to suggest places not involving alcohol, which is hard in a city like London where the pleasure of drinking is cultural. There’s a fantastic pub in Kensington called the , thanks to which Henry stays in contact with his father and his brothers when they are in the four corners of the world.

Because the way the “Batman V Superman” actor sees it, his girlfriend is mature for her age.

He was even quoted as saying, “People say age is just a number.

However, it seems the 32-year-old British hunk does not mind the attention at all…or so we think.

Ben Affleck’s costar is currently seeing a Bristol University student, who is 13 years his junior.

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Could Henry Cavill’s 19-year-old girlfriend Tara King wind up giving the star a social media PR nightmare like Marisa Gonzolo, his last young girlfriend? Now, history could be repeating itself with the “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” actor’s romance with 19-year-old Tara King.

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