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Kelly retired from acting at the age of 26 to marry Rainier and began her duties as Princess of Monaco.

They had three children: Caroline, Albert II, and Stéphanie. had won three Olympic gold medals for sculling and owned a successful brickwork contracting company that was well-known on the East Coast.

“I’m sure he’s very aware now – he certainly is now that he’s suspended – of the ramifications of not staying in check with his actions.” “Diarmuid is around,” Cooper confirms.

“But not around for everything and I think he’s on his own programme as well.

“He’s been very good,” says Cooper, “he’s been very open about the whole thing and put his hands up himself and said he shouldn’t have done it.

“Obviously we are at a stage now where it’s happened and I think he’s just trying to accept that’s the reality and maybe give a shoulder and give a lean towards other people now that maybe have the opportunity to actually play on the day in terms of his own experience and everything else.

The mother of all “found footage” scary movies exploits with uncommon cunning the power of suggestion and the potency of imagination. After the great French filmmaker Olivier Assayas gave us a truly haunting movie about the specter of mortality — “Late August, Early September” (1998) — it’s not surprising that he eventually followed up with this quietly unsettling drama about possible communication from the Other Side.

Alfred Hitchcock, who famously enjoyed setting limits on himself, would have appreciated the filmmakers’ modus operandi: We can only see what the amateur filmmakers could have recorded, up until and including the smashmouth climax. He didn’t let anything, even death in an auto accident, spoil his plans for a fun evening. Kristen Stewart gives a career-highlight performance a young woman who may, or may not, be receiving texts and other messages from her late brother. Mankiewicz’s classic romantic fantasy (not to be confused with the less-than-classic 1968-70 sitcom) ranks high among cinema’s most charmingly bittersweet ghost stories.

“Obviously it doesn’t fit in under what’s expected of us from a performance or management, what they’re looking for.

She sat by the window, watching the world rumble by as the train barreled toward New York City.

In her purse was from her father, a man of stiff Iowa breeding who worked at the family lumber company back in Des Moines.

For a small-town girl with a dream, from the Roaring 20s through the 1960s, there was no address more glamorous than New York’s “women only” Barbizon Hotel.

A combined charm school and dormitory, it would shelter a parade of yet-to-be-discovered damsels—Joan Crawford, Grace Kelly, Candice Bergen, Sylvia Plath, Ali Mac Graw, and many more—nurture their ambitions, and leave some with broken hearts.

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Julie Harris is heart-crushingly vulnerable as a deeply troubled woman who may (or may not) be raising spirits in a reportedly haunted house.

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