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The artist has received numerous awards including the following: Americans for the Art’s Public Art Year in review (2007); National Instruments Vision Program (2000); City of Los Angeles, Cultural Affairs Individual Artist Grant (1992); Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions project grant (1990) with Deborah Oliver; and a Pan Am Fulbright (1989) for installation and a teaching project in Rio de Janeiro.

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Face recognition is available with all the popular photo software which allows users to a face from a group of people, match two faces, recognizing similar people and also finding faces from a photo.

This technology is essential for today’s generation and people are more likely to use this technology in day to day life.

With the growing popularity of face recognition technology, now this is being implemented onto the online platform to give people a better way to access this technology.

Gone are those days when you had to install a powerful software just to do some basic faceand not to forget that those Softwares are not free.

Here are three face search engines that may give you a thrill. So you query the search engine for a name and it will return all matching images containing faces.

Top 5 Best Free Facial Recognition Search Engine to find Faces from photos.

It is widely believed that its current form was heavily influenced by a Picasso painting - “Two Characters” which features a pair of abstract duplex visages.

When you place the artworks side by side its easy to see why such comparisons are drawn.

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Face match or face recognition is one of the cores of every photo software.

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Alternately, right-click a folder and then click “Get Info” from the pop-up menu.

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