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Months later, Rihanna revealed that due to her busy schedule, she and Scott had split, and just a short time prior, she was linked to Leonardo Di Caprio, whom she was allegedly seen making out with in France.Although Rihanna and Drake appear to be enjoying one another’s company after releasing their hit track, “Work,” there have been rumors swirling regarding a possible breakup, via on March 2, and in other reports, a feud between Drake and Scott has been noted, leading many to wonder if it was Drake who was responsible for his split from Rihanna.So this isn’t what we were expecting to see before breakfast on a Monday morning.

It's been reported that Rita originally caption the photo 'Bae', before removing the word and leaving only a smiley emoji.Rita Ora and Rob Kardashian have been blowing up people's Twitter feeds, ever since Rob Kardashian ranted not the social media sites about his ex-girlfriends indiscretions.Allegedly, Rita Ora cheated on Rob with 20 different men.It looks like there might be some truth to JLo’s new boyfriend, as she and A-Rod were spotted on vacation in the Bahamas.Now that JLo is out of the picture, we cannot help but wonder about Drake’s girlfriend. Recently, the “Hotline Bling” singer uploaded a cute picture on Instagram, sparking rumors that Drake and Sade might be dating.

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