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Career Film Guttenberg's first credit (after an uncredited bit part in Rollercoaster) was the starring role in the 1977 California high school comedy The Chicken Chronicles.

The picture, set in Beverly Hills in the Spring of 1969, was not a big box-office success, but did become a cult classic after extensive showings on premium cable networks in the United States. Jump up ^ "The Guttenberg Bible", Publishers Weekly, 02/13/2012.

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Steven Robert "Steve" Guttenberg (born August 24, 1958) is an American actor and comedian.

The spell unleashes an evil force to take over Linda’s body and turns her into a monstrous Deadite, threatening to do the same to Ash.

The first ten minutes of the second film essentially recap what occurred in The Evil Dead.

Many things inevitably don’t reach the high standards placed on them beforehand. You can only hear so much about something before your opinion and thoughts are tainted, even if you haven’t experienced it yourself. Could seeing a film many years after it was released prevent it from reaching those same levels of awesomeness as it does for everyone else? Evil Dead II is an odd film, as it essentially remakes its predecessor in the first 20 minutes or so, and then moves on to what happens next.

So when the chance to review a film that has been frequently described as “one of the best sequels ever” and “a horror classic” came along, I had to jump on it. Before anyone starts, yes I know there is debate about it being a sequel or a remake, but that’s how I viewed it.

Rather than starting off where its predecessor finished, Evil Dead II goes back to the beginning - sort of.

Evil Dead II can be seen as a sequel to Evil Dead, a remake, or a little of both.

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After being forced to kill his possessed girlfriend, Ash (Bruce Campbell) holds up in the cabin with a group of strangers and attempts to repel the demonic spirits.

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