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With Children” is just one of his long list of dislikes.Al doesn’t like women who bother him, but he can’t seem to get away from them!The fact that your body is better O'Neill added that he was at the Golden Globes the night that Sagal won the Best Actress award for her work as Gemma Morrow Teller on "Sons of Anarchy," one of the performances that contributed to her earning a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Each episode of Married With Children cost the creators and producers around $ 1 Million per episode, which is would explain the series’ untimely cancellation.

PHOTOS: See all 35 pics of “Married With Children” stars and guest stars before the fame --including Pamela Anderson, Vanna White, Fergie and many more!

Ed O'Neill as Al Bundy THEN: “A fat woman came into the shoe store...” Ed O’Neil’s famous line as Al Bundy in “Married...

And along with TBS reruns currently introducing a whole new generation to TV’s first dysfunctional family (as well as the tragically overlooked ensemble who portrayed their over-the-top personas brilliantly in what was essentially a live-action cartoon), David is poised for that long-overdue comeback. [Laughs] So when people used to call me Bud and Grandmaster B I used to get mad, ‘cause I didn’t get that they just said it ‘cause they loved me. DX: I gotta ask, the world wants to know, do you still got that Starter jacket? But anytime a writer of a TV show is gonna try to write a rhyme for you, you know it’s not gonna be that dope. And if I was to do it again I just would have written it myself.

But before he can truly begin anew, there’s some old business to take care of. [Laughs] David Faustino: Ah, fuck, that Starter jacket. I would have just said, “Yo, let me write the rhyme part myself.” They probably would have said no though.

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