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On the days between December 19 and 23, in a spectacular feat of Stone Age engineering, a dawn sunbeam strikes through the "roofbox" opening above the tomb's entrance, then creeps along the 19-meter passageway, to where a hushed group of visitors stand waiting in the blackness of the innermost chamber.

Then about forty thousand years ago they seem to have made an enormous creative and cultural leap in the advancement of tool making and in the creation of art."As they got more and more sophisticated, they included the solar alignments," says Tuffy. In their day, they would most likely have been the largest monuments in the world.But there's a reason UNESCO says that the passage grave is "brought to its finest expression" in the Boyne Valley."It would have been a place where people gathered, it would have been a place where the ancestors were honored.It is a symbol of the people's wealth, and it is a place probably where they interceded between the living and the dead." Many of the 97 boulders -- or "kerbstones" -- that ring Newgrange are decorated with obscure carvings of spirals, circles, zigzags and triangles, which may have astronomical as well as religious significance.

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According to a paper published in the latest edition of the journal the drums, if that’s what they really are, probably date back at least 4,000 years.

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