Dating someone in jail

However in recent years, the advent of websites such as Meeta, Inmatesfor, and even Gay have made it easier for people to connect with potential suitors on the inside.

I educated myself, I wrote books, I built an Internet presence.

She discovered my writing on a whim, and that led to her writing me a letter in prison.

Despite my being scheduled to serve 12 more years when I received her letter, we built a correspondence that evolved into a romance.

Carole and I became a team during the final ten years of the quarter century that I served in prison.

Books I wrote to help others understand prisons and the people who served time inside of them generated an income that supported Carole.

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Hi Everyone I am trying to put together an article about women who meet and fall in love with men in prison. I had no Idea how I was gonna cope with all that drama, so I blocked him. Well I actually met this guy while he was locked up.

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