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Previously, I have been in the programme committees of SLAP'02, SLAP'03, SLAP'04, FTRTFT&FORMATS'04, MSR'05, EMSOFT'05, FMGALS'07, MSR'07, DATE'08, SLA P'08, DATE'09, MSR'09, DATE'10, DATE'11, MEMOCODE'11, LAFT'11, MSR'11, APSIPA ASC'11, MEMOCODE'12, LCTES'12, and APSIPA ASC'12, MSR'13, DATE'14, PECCS'14, Re PP'14, SIES'14, DATE'15, SIES'15, and DAC'15.

I have also been general chair for Dis Co Tec'15 and technical programme committee co-chair of EMSOFT'15 (with Nan Guan).

Our application domains include embedded systems, cyber-physical systems, real-time systems, mixed-criticality, and safety-critical dependable systems and circuits.

My own current research interests are:, to the DISCOTEC and EMSOFT steering committees, and to the DATE'16, SIES'16, and EMSOFT'16 technical programme committees.

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National Front leader Marine Le Pen intends to represent her far-right movement.Sarkozy's Republicans, however, are organising a primary, their first ever, on 20 and 27 November.The former president has not formally declared his intention to stand but is widely believed to wish to do so.France's presidential elections will be held on 23 April next year for the first round and 7 May for the runoff, government spokesperson Stéphane Le Foll announced on Wednesday.President François Hollande is believed to want to stand again, despite an unprecedentedly bad showing in the opinion polls. Hollande's mandate runs out next year and the government has now named the dates for the two rounds of the presidential election as well as for the parliamentary election that will follow, on 11 and 18 June.

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