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For this reason, men and women are introduced by their families and marriages are often arranged before the two people even get to know each other.If their parents are supportive, Indians may choose to marry for love."The question seems rather strange when you think about it.But then again, its oddity pales next to courting rituals common in other parts of the globe.In this country, if you're harboring a secret crush, Valentine's Day is when to let it be known.Each year on that day, many quivering hands have offered chocolates and flowers, and many a racing heart has skipped a beat at the words, "Will you be my Valentine?The Scots believe that if a couple can withstand this, their marriage can withstand anything.For China's Tujia people, the bride-to-be is actually required to begin weeping for one hour a day, for one month before a wedding.

In Mauritania, a large, full-bodied wife is said to signify good luck and prosperity in a marriage.If he liked her back, he would Amish courtship is notoriously secretive.In some communities, neighbors don’t even know a wedding is happening until it’s announced in church a few weeks before. Hot creamed celery is a main dish at their wedding feasts, so if a family has a lot of stalks in their garden, someone’s getting married.India is a country still steeped in tradition and family values.Whatever someone does in public reflects on their family as well as their own reputation.

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