Dating oil paintings

I've had a look at the back, even the nails in the same place, this is its original frame. And one of the things about that impasto is it catches some of the dirt. These are just some of the reasons why the answer to the question "What's it worth?

" is so often "It depends." Note the date: Take note of the date the appraisal was recorded.

Sotheby’s has always used yellow chalk to mark pictures, which can offer some clues about a work’s past.

Christie’s has used a variety of marks since the 19th century, which allow you to see who has bought and owned a work over the course of its history.

Steve and Ian ask about their latest finds by participating in WHATCHA GOT?Be suspicious of any framed and matted “oil painting” that is covered with glass and has a flat back.The odds are over 99 percent that the painting is a print. Because a picture is on a stretcher does not mean it is an oil painting., my nationally syndicated antiques and collectibles call-in radio show that airs Sunday mornings 8 to 10 a.m. If your local station does not carry the show, you can listen on (click first on “Listen to Talk” and then on Channel 1).In an e-mail, Steve asked for a few insider tips that would help him decide which oil paintings would and would not be worth buying for resale.

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To read When someone mentions oil painting, the tendency is to automatically think “oil on canvas.” Canvas is just one surface medium.

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