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I can’t go into as much depth as I’d like to in this post, but men and women have different senses of how they’d like to be noticed for things (and what they’d like to be noticed for.) At the root of it, when a man feels like he make a woman happy, he will not want to be in a relationship with her (or if he stays, he will not want to deepen it). Back to neediness: When a woman starts acting needy, especially in the beginning of a relationship, it shows up as the ultimate red flag. Neediness is synonymous with ’emotional dependency’, as in: “This woman is dependent on the guy in order for her to feel good.” Now, sometimes when I start explaining this, I’ll get a comment saying, “Oh so what? You can have it all, too, but what I’m trying to explain in this article is that you don’t get it from it.On the other hand, when a woman acknowledges him for all the things he’s doing well, he will almost certainly want to deepen the relationship and stay in it. We’re supposed to be emotional robots with no feelings or desires and just accept anything a guy is doing without complaint? You create a relationship with those qualities by inspiring those things within the relationship.I would suggest no more than 90 seconds with 60 seconds being the ideal length.

I had to send out faxes to PRs asking for interviews with ‘Amateur Gardener Class. Last week I had lunch with a film director who asked me if I’d like to write a screenplay for the loaded story – “the Wolf of Wardour Street? He’s just had his second feature made and Hollywood want to give him money for more projects.The Evening Standard ran an article saying men would never read a magazine en-mass like women did and ad execs, PRs and other editors queued up to agree.Even at IPC, the company putting the money behind the new magazine, expectations weren’t high: The Publisher had a framed certificate on his wall saying “For the Magazine Most Likely To Cost You Your Job”.I was still on Double Secret Probation from when I’d had an altercation with a security guard on the NME.My small team and I were all on 3 month freelance contracts of a few hundred quid a week and we had to share a fax machine and office space with the classified ad department of Amateur Gardener.

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They don’t want to hear you go on all day long rambling about how great your are.

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