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WSUS interval for checking new clients addition in the system ?Suppose if I prepare a new system and at that moment how can I force client to connect to WSUS and download update.? which generally prompts that new Updates are available etc... Finally, an app that lets you load a list of computers, and then kick off the Windows update installation and reboot process on all of them, simultaneously.You can now sit back, relax, and watch your computers update themselves.Why I put this script together: Our desktop deployment technicians needed a script that would pull updates immediately and install.We have some computers that are sometimes logged on or not (but they run services that must be running almost constantly), and are never rebooted.

Note on command-line switches: If you don't specify a switch (for example, 'email:') the corresponding variable defined in the script will provide the needed information (command-line switches take precedence).

The user ignores the 'you have new updates available' message, so updates are never installed.

This script will let you install the updates, and then it tells the WUA to present the 'restart' message - which more users are apt to respond to.

Before downloading can happen, the client must check in with the WSUS server and determine what updates have been approved for it, as well as report its current update status.

By default, a client will check in with the WSUS server every 22 hours, or the check-in can be configured to occur as frequently as every hour.

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