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*he attempts to flee the fire, only to be incapped and skid to a halt at Lani's feet* Taka: "Hey guys, I'm still in the building, where are you? " Kaiser, having respawned: "Hey, I found Taka, you guys! Future Trunks (alternate timeline counterpart/fusee)King Vegeta (paternal grandfather)Dr.Brief (maternal grandfather)Panchy (maternal grandmother)Vegeta (father)Bulma (mother)Bulla (sister)Tights (maternal aunt) Trunks has his grandfather's lavender hair color (blue in the manga) and his mother's blue eyes.The son of the identically-named demon king, Piccolo initially served as one of Goku's biggest foes, aiming to kill him as vengeance for the death of his father. Gohan: Actually, I was hoping I could get one just like yours? However, though he might not be fond of the idea, Vegeta slowly becomes a close ally of the Z Fighters, even starting a family with Bulma, though currently he still remains an Anti-Villain.-esque wasteland as a result of Dr. Being a skilled fighter and the former student of Son Gohan in his own timeline, Trunks does everything he can to help the Z Fighters in their fights against the androids and later Cell, all the while hoping to gain the approval of his estranged father in the present timeline.

He may not be too strong on the surface, but get him mad enough and he will kick your ass six ways to Sunday.In the 1991 Chinese film Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins, her character was merged with Penny from Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies into a character named Jade portrayed by Yi-Juan Li.In the 2009 live action adaption Dragonball Evolution, she is portrayed by Jamie Chung.In Super Dragon Ball Z, she is armed with the Bansho Fan, the Power Pole, and flies on the Flying Nimbus.In the game, she wears the gi she wore in the 23rd World Tournament, and she has the bikini-style armor from her childhood years as an unlockable alternate costume.

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  1. I explained that there are some of us who fancy them, too. On the arguing point; what tends to happen with me and the partner is that so many potential confrontations kind of get brushed aside, or stored away somewhere usually labelled at as 'well, we're front opposite ends of the world'.