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"If they wanted drama, they would have had to have caught me 10 years ago." The singer, whose full name is Monica Denise Arnold, has overcome some terrible experiences.

She witnessed the suicide of a despondent boyfriend and was involved with rapper C-Murder (whose real name is Corey Miller and who is the brother of rapper Master P) when he was arrested for the shooting death of a fan.

But those times are now behind the mother of two young sons.

Rasmussen's parents unsuccessfully sued the LAPD over this and other aspects of the investigation.

After Manson and some of his followers were arrested for the Tate/La Bianca murders in 1969, Fromme and the remaining "Manson family" camped outside the trial.

When Manson and his fellow defendants, Patricia Krenwinkel, Leslie Van Houten, and Atkins carved Xs into their foreheads, so did Fromme and her compatriots.

Sperm and egg: ingredients for a baby Millions of eggs produced by a woman are never fertilized and do not produce a baby.

Millions of sperm produced by a man never fertilize an egg and do not make a baby.

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